Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

Posted on July 5, 2016 by Andrew

In this classic sci-fi Ender is trained from a young age. His teachers goal is to harness Ender’s genius to lead the International Fleet against the buggers. Ender knows he’s being used. The fate of the human race is in his hands. It rests on how he responds to his teacher’s goals and challenges.

I have read this novel at least 5 times. Not once has it taken more than 24 hours to read. It’s hard to say what it is that makes the story so re-readable and so gripping. The novel, despite being about a child genius succeeding, somehow manages to avoid a “Mary Sue” feel. I think these things are related. Ender solves the puzzles with you. You perceive the difficulty that is being posed and you get excited to see the solutions.

“Remember, the enemy’s gate is down.”

Ender’s game is one of my all time favorite novels. You get to feel a lot of outrage when Ender is bullied for his brilliance. You can even feel his exhaustion and apathy as he struggles with command school. His worry as he tries to protect himself without becoming like his brother.

Ender belongs to a family of genius. Like the little bear in Goldilocks, Ender is midway between his psychopathic brother Peter and empathetic sister Valentine. In his absence from earth they are manipulating their way into political power and provides a gripping secondary story line.

If you’ve only watched the movie and thought it was “eh” rest assured the book is far far better. I wouldn’t really recommend any sequels though “Speaker for the Dead” was not bad.