I’m Andrew. You can find my resume/projects I’m working on at ndrewsemler.com

My rating system is either positive or nothing. You should hopefully pick up how I enjoyed the book without needing a score out of 5. Also consider how uber requires you to give anyone decent a 4 or 5 star rating. This makes the rating almost useless. Embrace this uselessness. A positive rating means you should consider buying it or reading a sample. Nothing means it’s up to you.

The thing I enjoy most when reading is being made to feel something. It doesn’t particularly matter what the feeling is as long as it’s strong. If that’s amazement at a character’s skill or horror at the situation then so much the better.

This blog’s source can be found at github. The site is built off the sample site generated by Hakyll. In that spirit please feel free to use whatever you want from this blog for your own site - respecting the Hakyll copyright of course. The exception is the content of the reviews themselves which are copyright me :)