Andrew Semler


Professionally, I started work for ICT Security programming Thales Hardware Security Modules's for clients including major Australian Financial Institutions.

I then moved to work with Mi-Token working on Two factor Authentication products and Secure Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons using Texas Instruments CC254x and NXP Secure Authentication Microprocessor for a customised NFC security solution .

Over the 2016 New Year I worked as an intern on the Cortana Application team at Microsoft in Redmond.

I'm currently at Glimse consulting on the development of a hybrid NFC/BLE secure proximity device to be used with the Glimse Media platform and finishing my comp sci degree at UNSW. I'm taking Models of Concurrency, Discrete Maths, Machine Learning and Programming Challenges.
Personally, I'm a Haskell enthusiast, I enjoy reading (you can find my reviews here), Juggling and Wing Chun.

I continue to write small apps for my personal projects. Recently I have been working on an chrome extension to improve my facebook newsfeed by removing "Suggested" and "Sponsored" posts. It currently works but I'm hoping to extend it to remove sponsored pages friends have liked - e.g. 'The Guardian'. I am also working on my book review site. In the past I have written a Bluetooth explorer for windows phone and several chrome extensions (multiple text replacement extensions and an extension to provide a simpler UI to a website)